Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More time to myself

I get alot of days were I have a couple hours to kill at school and on those days I bring my camera just to see if by chance the studio might be free for me to mess around in.
I had two shoots this week with me, myself, and I.

One were I studied some high key lighting, which I really haven't delved into much before. I usually just prefer darker backdrops or bright backdrops for some reason, but I actually was excited to try this and they came out almost how I wanted them to. I still have a few more things to try with that set up but for my first go and with self portraiture, I was somewhat happy with the results.

The second shoot was not supposed to be a self port. shoot but due to some unfortunate circumstances, it became one. (Don't worry, dear, we WILL reschedule soon! I hope everything is getting better for you)
I did not have much of a plan for this shoot other than to get my assignment on same subject interpretations shot and edited before class that night. Which I did, thankfully.

These were two different shots with very similar poses. One I did without the flowers and the second I had real flowers in the top and the hair flowers were digitally added later just for fun.
And a classic nude for good measure:

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unbearable lightness said...

You.are.incredible. These images are absolutely stunning. I hope you get much more time to yourself for work like this!