Sunday, November 23, 2008

Almost There!

I'm almost done with my Saudektations project for school. Here's two more I've finished:

Unbearable Lightness in Saudektations #6

Self Portrait Fisheye Lens experiment (most likely not going to turn this one in since it isn't as true to his style and our assignment is emulation, but I wanted to try it for myself and I liked it)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Unbearble Lightness meets Saudektations

Unbearable Lightness offered to help me with my final project at school by posing for some photos in Handygirl's basement this past weekend. Here's the first finished photo from that session:

To better understand this project please see my previous entries. Good night all!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Self Portraits for Practice

I always have shot myself when I wanted to learn something new or just perfect some skills I acquired recently. It's always been enjoyable for me to set up the shot, hit the button, and run into place to get the shot I'm envisioning. Particularly anyone starting out in photography or just trying to update their portfolio with new styles should seriously consider being their own model from time to time. You can practice without the pressure of owing someone else images and it helps you to see how it feels for your models so you can better direct too!
These are my latest:

I was working on my studio lighting techniques and body shapes again. One of my favorite styles to shoot and model.

I also did a few with this vintage dress I picked up about a month ago at a thrift store. A study of motion. Yes, another favorite of mine.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Blue Girl

And....this is one I might work on to imitate his bluer photos but it's not quite how I want the effect to look. I think I'm starting over with this one:

Saudektations Pt. 2

What we have here above is a couple of scaled down photos for the web of the two Jan Saudek emulation pieces I've been working on the past week. They are not quite finished though. Opinions and constructive criticism are greatly appreciated.

These two below are a few more examples of his style I was going for in these images:


I've been working at school A LOT lately to pump out my final assignments. In Digital I have an emulation project due and I have chosen Jan Saudek as my photographer to emulate. I don't think the class is too interested in this man's work as when I did my presentation on him, it didn't harness any "wow"s and positive comments from my fellow students, but they are a quiet bunch I suppose.
If you're not sure who Jan Saudek is here is his website for more info:

I will be posting my shots as I make more progress on them. Once I get them posted, opinions welcomed and anything you think I could add to my shots to make them better are really desired. These are just some examples of his work that I enjoy.