Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Chicago, this past weekend

Tony Clifton show rocked! I should have some shots to post soon! Didn't bring my good digital but took a lot of film shots and was glad I was forced to do so. It's been so long since I shot a concert in film. Developed some today, got three more rolls to go and I'll start scanning them in and printing a few enlargements. But I have so much other work to do too, I always feel either dead bored or super busy.Never an in between unfortunately. Kind of ironic since this is the "In between the Moments" Blog. haha! I guess this IS my in between time.
I did get to dance my butt off at Luna last Thurs. though, so here's a shot of that "moment". Thanks to Dave for accidentally getting such a fun shot! I love these spontanious surprises:

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sometimes Life Sends Me Mixed Messages

Last weekend I pulled off to the side of the road to photograph something I knew I shouldn't be shooting (maggot infested roadkill). I left my windows down and ended up with 15 giant mosquitoes surrounding me when I got back in my car a few moments later. I am allergic to mosquitoes and get giant hives/welts from their bite so I freaked out and cried and screamed my way through the killing process with a rolled up magazine. And the photos I got weren't that great. I was too taken back by the site and smell at that moment to be still enough, plus those maggots move damn fast. I can actually smell these photos:

It's that embedded in my head that when I look at it closely my brain sends the scent of it into my nose. Scary thing, that human brain.

Last night, I grabbed my cookies I had just baked and left my house last night at 6:50p to go to a friend's place to watch Heroes. As I started driving I realized how beautiful the sunset was that evening and decieded to FINALLY stop and photograph it behind this field on my way to the freeway. As I neared the spot I noticed that I'd need to pull over quite far to avoid oncoming traffic being too close to my vehicle. So I pick a spot and start to inch over. "Not far enough" I thought to myself as I slowly move further onto the gravel roadside. My left side tires start to spin and my car slowly sinks into this uber-mini ditch I have driven too far into.
I'm stuck.
I call my brother to come help me get out since he's managed to get himself out of some wild spots in his previous vehicles. He arrives with two female friends I had just met at my house a moment earlier. They all try to push me out with no luck.
I had to call a tow truck and be pulled out of this tiny dip in the dirt! All cause I pulled over to shoot the sunset. This time I end up shooting an even more curiously disgusting subject: deer guts my brother pointed out near a tree where I pulled over (I had to wait for the tow truck so why the hell not spend it shooting).

This is what I got out this ridiculous situation:

Sorry if this is too gross for most people but I have an extreme interest in many sciences and one is the way creatures act, react and how we are all made up of these many components that hold us together most the time.

One of the girls decided to pretend we were pulled over cause I "hit her". She was pissed at all the gawkers slowing down to see nothing so she made "something" for them to see. If you look closely, she couldn't stop smiling.

My faint self portrait for that day:

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Blogger?...Not me!

I never thought I'd make one of these. I really don't even check up on many of them unless I am referred to one by someone I know. But as the mood strikes me tonight, here I am. Creating something that I may leave behind as life moves forward but who knows what tomorrow may bring. I might have this blog for a year or 5 years or more? Life has some pretty crazy twists and turns, i know this well. So let's see what becomes of this and let the winds of chance take it from here!