Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Chicago, this past weekend

Tony Clifton show rocked! I should have some shots to post soon! Didn't bring my good digital but took a lot of film shots and was glad I was forced to do so. It's been so long since I shot a concert in film. Developed some today, got three more rolls to go and I'll start scanning them in and printing a few enlargements. But I have so much other work to do too, I always feel either dead bored or super busy.Never an in between unfortunately. Kind of ironic since this is the "In between the Moments" Blog. haha! I guess this IS my in between time.
I did get to dance my butt off at Luna last Thurs. though, so here's a shot of that "moment". Thanks to Dave for accidentally getting such a fun shot! I love these spontanious surprises:


mary said...


(cliche, but still.)

unbearable lightness said...

Great image!!! I hope you didn't rock ALL your butt off.

Joseph Crachiola said...

I love your work and I love your blog. Yep. I'm a fan. Rock on, girl!

Little Ghost said...