Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Saudektations Pt. 2

What we have here above is a couple of scaled down photos for the web of the two Jan Saudek emulation pieces I've been working on the past week. They are not quite finished though. Opinions and constructive criticism are greatly appreciated.

These two below are a few more examples of his style I was going for in these images:


mary said...

I'm not really qualified to comment on the photography but I think you have the right look to model for these. I looked at the website of the artist. I love it!

unbearable lightness said...

To be very honest, I like your refinement of this style better than the original artist's. Is that sacrilege? Naw. I'm just a Sugar fan big time!

Rick35mm said...

Love Saudek. These are really excellent.