Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Unbearble Lightness meets Saudektations

Unbearable Lightness offered to help me with my final project at school by posing for some photos in Handygirl's basement this past weekend. Here's the first finished photo from that session:

To better understand this project please see my previous entries. Good night all!


unbearable lightness said...

What an honor to model for this project. I am going to be cross listing your blog post on WHAT WE SAW TODAY and also in my deviant journal. I'll get to it soon. I hope lots of people come to see your magnificence.

D.L. Wood said...

Hi - I'm following a thread left by Unbearable Lightness from her post.

I'm a big fan of Jan Sadek. When looking over your images emulating Jan I get a true sense of him, the color, the humor, the pose. I think they are great. I wouldn't let the vibe of your classmates get to you. From the images I've seen, if I was your instructor, you would have an "A".

D.L. Wood

Spilt Sugar said...

Thank you DL! I think my instructor is pretty pleased with my progress so far. As far as the my classmates, I think they just have a different taste in photography. I love nudes, humor, awkward poses, etc. so Saudek was an obvious choice for me. haha!
I really appreciate that you, as a fan of Saudek's, like what I've done with my emulations.