Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I've been working at school A LOT lately to pump out my final assignments. In Digital I have an emulation project due and I have chosen Jan Saudek as my photographer to emulate. I don't think the class is too interested in this man's work as when I did my presentation on him, it didn't harness any "wow"s and positive comments from my fellow students, but they are a quiet bunch I suppose.
If you're not sure who Jan Saudek is here is his website for more info:

I will be posting my shots as I make more progress on them. Once I get them posted, opinions welcomed and anything you think I could add to my shots to make them better are really desired. These are just some examples of his work that I enjoy.


mary said...

This is SOOOOOO COOOOOL. Wow wow wow.

unbearable lightness said...

You know I said WOW!!!!! And we got the knife image emulated! It was a blast to work on this.